Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Big Turnaround--You Can Make It Too

On Monday, February 27, Dani Johnson joined C-Radio host Cynthia Nevels to discuss overcoming challenges. Many entrepreneurs are no stranger to struggle, due to the competitive global environment. More of them are infusing spiritual values and principles into their endeavors to help them better handle and overcome hurdles. Dani is one of these people and she provided Cynthia with a glimpse of the principles she used to achieve life success.

NFL player Tim Tebow has caused a stir by publicly displaying his religious beliefs both on and off the field. The integration of religion into the business of football led C-Radio show host Cynthia, an award-winning businessperson, to ponder whether this was a smart move. She thought this would make a good discussion topic because her show provides news geared toward business success.

Through research, Cynthia discovered that numerous companies were based on Biblical principles. Cynthia came across Dani’s story, in which faith played a major role. Referring to it as the “big turnaround” or “The Tebow Effect,” Dani revealed to Cynthia the challenges she faced and how spirituality helped her meet them head on to become the global force she is today.

The struggles that Dani faced were not limited to business. She grew up in an abusive household, became a teen mother, and was on welfare and homeless. Just one of these situations would be too much for many people to handle. Dani managed to make it through all of them and create a multimillion dollar empire, largely due to her faith.

Dani told her story to Cynthia, taking responsibility for the mistakes she made. She then revealed how her spirituality helped her overcome the many hurdles she faced. Her story is amazing and one that everyone will find inspiring. Anyone interested in hearing this interview can access it through Dani’s website.

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