Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tracking Your Progress

Many of us set goals for the year, which we called “resolutions.” These objectives pertained to losing weight, increasing our social or religious involvement, earning a 6 figure income, among others. After setting these goals, we began working on achieving them and then life got in the way. We are almost two months into the year but have not accomplished one goal.

Tracking progress helps us identify where we stand in relation to our goals. It also keeps us focused on achieving those objectives. An action plan is nice but it will not be effective unless regular assessments are performed. These checkups should be conducted frequently so we do not steer off course for too long. The goal is to get back on track as shortly as possible following any deviation.

In addition to serving as a corrective measure, tracking progress provides a sense of accomplishment for a job done well. This recognition motivates us to keep up the good work. When things become difficult, we will work harder because we know that a sense of gratification awaits us. We will not even realize that little hurdles have become higher because we will be focused on the result.

Numerous online tools are available for tracking progress toward goals. Get Goaling is a free tool that features a dashboard for setting goals, developing action plans, tracking progress, and sharing the joy of accomplishments. With Track-n-Graph, users can track goal progress in graph format and use pre-defined tracking templates.

For those who are more traditional, there are good old pencil and paper. Write a goal and below it, list the action plan to achieve it. At the beginning of each day, write down what must be accomplished that day. When the day concludes, write down what was accomplished. Crossing items off the task list yields a feeling of satisfaction.

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