Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dani Johnson Radio Show Goes National

Multimillionaire Dani Johnson recently took her radio show national, broadcasting live from New York City. The radio show will soon be broadcast on radio stations throughout the country under a national syndication arrangement. It will continue to be streamed live online for those who do not have local access. Everyone should make a point to tune in every Sunday from 8 to 10 PM Central Time.

There is now one more reason to become a DJC Insider, one of Dani’s exclusive groups. Insiders can now watch this weekly show live via an online video stream. What better way to reinforce the messages this change maker conveys every week? The dynamic and personal engagement alone can motivate people to make positive changes in their life. Becoming a DJC member is easy, inexpensive, and carries no obligation.

Insiders have exclusive access to the entire library of videos, audios, and articles used for training purposes. They also receive advanced invitations regarding new training content and other opportunities. Insiders network with others just like themselves, receiving and providing support and guidance. This shortens the path to financial, spiritual, career, and life success.

For a limited time, anyone can listen to both hours of the first radio show. The live recording is currently posted on Dani’s website for public access. This posting will be removed soon so listen before it is too late. Once you hear what you are missing, you will schedule a standing appointment to be by the radio on Sunday nights.

Dani is currently partnering with more special affiliates to grow her radio syndication network. If her show is not broadcast on your local radio station, call the station manager to request it. In the meantime, pay just one dollar for a trial Insider membership so you can listen and see the show every Sunday night.

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