Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Working From Home With Pets

Technology has made working from home a feasible alternative for self-disciplined individuals. Some arrange to telecommute, some find a company that employs home-based workers, and others strike out on their own. Whether working full or part time, these individuals experience a freedom that traditional office work does not permit.

This shift to home-based work could not come at a better time. Society seems to have a renewed sense of community and working from home makes it easier to balance career and personal responsibilities to family and friends. For many people, pets are included in those responsibilities, making it important to learn how to work from home while being a responsible pet owner.

Though pets may sleep when the family is away at work and school, this is often not the case when family members are home. Pets are social and they love to spend time with their owners, even if the humans are working from home. Dogs do not limit their barking to times when home-based workers are not on the telephone and cats see an open lap as an invitation to jump up for a nap.

Experts say that the best approach is to make it clear that bad behavior will not result in attention. For example, reward a dog when it is quiet after barking, not while it is yapping away. Humans must be consistent in their response to help the pet understand when it is work time. Handing the situation incorrectly can worsen it.

Providing pets with their own space in the work area keeps them happy but also establishes boundaries. A pet bed and bowl of water may be all the animal needs to be content. When it is time for a break, take the dog for a walk and play hide and seek with the cat. After the workday has concluded, give the animals some undivided attention.

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