Friday, February 10, 2012

Earn Money From Cooking Skills Without Cracking An Egg

So, you are a great cook and would love to earn money from your expertise. However, you are pressed for time and the licensing and health department requirements for a food service business seem overwhelming. Selling recipes may be the best home based business for you and it is very simple to establish.

All you need are a collection of recipes you have concocted yourself. Recipes that have been passed down through the generations will also do. Advertise these in free classifieds online, in newspapers, and in magazines. Offer the recipes in exchange for a cash or check payment and watch the orders flow. You can even organize recipes into a cookbook and offer it for sale at a higher price.

Classifying the recipes in different ways gives customers a variety of ordering options. Categorize recipes by main ingredient, fat or calorie content, or type of food. Ethnic recipes are very popular with some people and others enjoy vegetarian food. This gives you the opportunity to dust off some old recipes and try them yourself before selling them.

Enhance the appeal by adding a brief overview of the recipes to your ads. Do not reveal the ingredients but describe the taste so readers become interested. Take advantage of holidays by offering themed recipes one to two months prior to the celebration. Pies and breads are very popular around Thanksgiving, while cookie recipes are in demand at Christmas time.

Accept payment via PayPal or regular mail and make delivery via email or a self addressed stamped envelope. When filling each request, provide a list of additional recipes to encourage a follow-up order. Create an email or postal mailing list of previous customers and send regular updates regarding new recipes available for purchase. This business is fun, lucrative, and can be done entirely from home.

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