Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop Relying On The Government And Begin Relying On Yourself

Things are not pretty on a global or even national front right now. This country began as a republic but has transformed into a capitalist society. Both the government and private corporations are colluding against citizens to privatize gains so a small, powerful group benefits. At the same time, losses are socialized, burdening the middle class.

A record number of people are unemployed and a new country seems to go broke every month. The conservative think tank Heritage Foundation discovered that in just two years, the dependence of Americans on assistance from the federal government increased by 23 percent. Currently, 67 million Americans receive some form of federal aid. Over 70 percent of the federal budget pertains to spending on these dependence programs.

On the flip side is the fact that more than 50 percent of Americans pay zero net income taxes. History has shown that when the majority of people begin voting public treasury benefits for themselves at the expense of their fellow citizens, the country is headed toward a downward spiral. It is time for us to stop relying on the government to provide for our needs.

Those who do not want to become victims of the next economic crisis must do something. Even people with jobs may not be happy and should take action. By deciding to determine their own financial future, they position themselves to be recession-proof. These folks can find work from home opportunities that allow them to control their career and stream of income.

These changing times may seem scary but they are also exciting. With change comes opportunity for those who take the proper steps. Learning new skills, creating value, and solving tough issues make a person invaluable. These sound like difficult tasks but they are actually easy to learn if a proven program is used.

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