Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be Proactive When Building Links For Your Business

Link building is an important duty for any online business owner. Even the best home based business will not be successful without promotional efforts. Building links to the company website makes the business more visible to Internet users. Natural link building creates links without any technical methods. Artificial link building manipulates the link development method, putting online entrepreneurs in the driver seat.

Exchanging links with related, but not competing, online businesses is one way to build links artificially. Set up a section on your website to display links to products and services that align with what your business offers. Ask other online entrepreneurs to do the same for you. This increases visibility for your site and helps you develop an online professional network.

Posting in forums and commenting on blogs relevant to your business can also be helpful. For example, an organic baby food company can join forums and blogs on motherhood and childrearing. By making informative comments, online business owners position themselves as subject matter experts. In each post, they place a link to their website so others can learn more.

Submitting content to article directories is a very popular artificial link building method. EzineArticles, Articles base, and iSnare are just a few web-based article directories. Online entrepreneurs write articles featuring useful information that adds value to online content. In the author bio, they include one or more links to their company website. Others use these articles on their own sites, increasing the visibility of the author site.

When online entrepreneurs want to take the bull by the horns, they can use one or more of these artificial link building strategies. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing their site climb the ranks of search engine results. That is, except the additional income that results, which is typically quite substantial.

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