Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tune In To Dani Johnson Tonight To Receive Your Inheritance

Every Wednesday, Dani Johnson does her Spiritual Equipping radio broadcast. Tonight (March 7) at 7 PM Central Time, Dani will be discussing receiving your inheritance. Listen live by phone or tune in on the Web because no one should miss the important message that Dani will convey during this two-hour radio segment.

Many of us feel like orphans even if we have a family. We feel abandoned and alone, when this is far from the case. Dani will help us realize that someone in our family may have left an inheritance for us. Whether we choose to receive this inheritance or believe it is too good to be true is a decision that can change our life.

Inheritance is not all about money. We inherit useful traits from family members and others we encounter throughout life. We may feel like we are alone and unqualified to succeed, when we really possess all the skills we need. Even if we have never tried to achieve what we imagine possible, we can do it. By redefining our lives, we change not only ourselves but also those around us.

Once we discover the resources that lead to success, we can extend these to others who can then receive their own inheritance, if they choose to. Sharing the wealth in this manner is the best gift one person can give to another. It proves that no one is alone in this world, even during the darkest hours.

Society is moving at a fast pace and things are becoming more complex by the day. Without the support of others, many people find it difficult to keep up and they feel lost in the shuffle. Listening to Dani’s broadcast tonight can transform feelings of abandonment into those of gratitude for the gifts that are present for the taking.

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