Friday, April 20, 2012

Dani Johnson Wants To Help You Overcome Struggles

Many of us face difficult challenges in life and some have it harder than others. Dani Johnson knows all about difficulties. She was raised in an abusive home environment, became pregnant as a teenager, and found herself penniless and homeless by her early twenties. It would have been easy for her to give up but she did not. She kept working to build a better life and eventually succeeded. Now, she wants to show others how to overcome their struggles.

Dani does a weekly Spiritual Equipping radio broadcast and a recent segment dealt with life struggles. A recording of this broadcast is available on her website. Many of us can relate to her message and after listening, will be inspired to work through difficulties to achieve success. When we are struggling, it can be difficult to recognize that opportunities may lie on the other side of roadblocks.

Whether we are having difficulty with career, finances, personal relationships, or something else, Dani can help. In addition to her weekly inspirational messages, she offers a practical training program called Spirit Driven Success. The system helps people squash feelings of hopelessness and create success by serving others.

Messages from scripture form the foundation of Spirit Driven Success. As a spiritual person, Dani realized that the Bible holds secrets to creation of wealth. She used these to develop a 10 Step Wealth Formula to create prosperity. Participants learn how to eliminate fear and experience a life free from stress and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Financial wealth is not the only benefit gained from this training. Spiritual and emotional wealth are among the other outcomes. Strategies included in this program allow people to balance their career with their personal life. Being rich in all areas of life makes past struggles seem worth it because they teach valuable lessons.

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