Monday, April 23, 2012

If You Have Not Heard The Dani Johnson Show, What Is Stopping You?

By now, many people have become aware of self-made millionaire Dani Johnson. This women does not cease to amaze, as she continues to run multiple businesses and give back to the community. Somehow, she finds time to host a syndicated national radio show. If you have not heard a broadcast yet, you are missing a great experience.

The Dani Johnson Show broadcasts Sunday nights at 8 PM and Wednesdays at 11:15 AM Central Time. To get on the notification list, enter your name and email address on the appropriate page on Dani’s website. While you are there, listen to recordings of the most recent broadcasts to hear what you have been missing. If you register as an Insider, you can listen to every broadcast since November 2008.

On her show, Dani covers hot societal topics like the impact of society on men and women, home schooling, and the possible link between vaccines and autism. She also discusses how to eliminate debt and how to achieve success. As you can see, Dani does not hesitate to discuss the tough issues and she supports her views with facts that are sometimes shocking.

Many of the topics Dani covers tie into Dani Johnson training products that can be purchased from the website. For example, people who listen to broadcasts regarding debt may find Dani’s War on Debt training helpful. Those who want to be more successful in various areas of life can get great tips from reading the book First Steps to Wealth.

A synopsis of the upcoming radio broadcast is posted on the website. After reading it, schedule time to listen to the show. This will be time well spent, as Dani has plenty of good, enlightening information to share. The tips and methods she provides are invaluable but there is no cost to listen to the broadcast.

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