Thursday, April 5, 2012

Effective Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

As more players enter the corporate arena, the number of ways to market products and services increases. This can make things confusing and somewhat complex for a small business owner. Effective marketing is necessary to compete but which methods are best? The experts point to several that have had the most impact on prospects and customers.

A well-worded press release submitted to a major press release website costs little to create but provides a small business with big media coverage. Press releases can also improve search engine ranking of the business website. To have the most impact, press releases should be timed around the release of new offerings or a major company announcement.

Using the company website to capture email addresses of customers and prospects opens up the world of email marketing. Regular blast emails and electronic newsletters convey important and useful information and remind consumers of the company. Including digital coupons in these emails and on the website is a great way to convert leads into customers.

For a work at home business, outsourcing the sales force can increase return on investment. Many salespeople do not appreciate being micromanaged so why not let them be their own boss? This saves the business owner money and often results in better performance, a win-win situation for all. Salespeople should be encouraged to use both face-to-face and digital marketing methods to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Combining website, mobile, and social media marketing efforts is the best way to incorporate digital marketing. A cohesive approach makes the company look organized and professional. Salespeople should send a unified message based on communications from the corporate headquarters. With everyone on the same page, success is more likely to follow. Small businesses that implement these techniques will soon be playing in the same sandbox as major competitors.

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