Friday, April 6, 2012

SEO And The Almighty Keyword—How They Affect Your Home Business

Keywords are the foundation of the Web, making them extremely important to any business with an online presence. Unfortunately, many people start work from home opportunities and establish a website without learning about keywords, causing their business to fail. Discover how to integrate keywords into your website before you join this crowd.

The word or group of words that a Web user types in a search engine query is called a keyword or a keyword phrase. A search engine compares this text against indexed Web pages and returns a list of sites that it considers the best matches to the query. When website owners conduct keyword research, they select several keywords and incorporate them into their site search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

A high position on a search engine results page makes a website more visible. However, the keywords that the site ranks for are the ticket to success. A site that ranks highly on the most commonly used keywords generates more traffic than one ranked well on a less popular word. Aside from this search volume, site owners should consider how competitive their keywords are because increased competition makes it more difficult to land on page one of the search results.

Keyword research begins by discovering which keywords to target. The free keyword research tool from Google Adwords is an excellent resource. This program provides a list of suggested keywords based on website purpose. It also provides local and global search statistics and a ranking difficulty estimate for the keyword.

Home-based entrepreneurs should integrate keywords into their site based on competitiveness and search volume. Web pages should contain useful information and feature keywords in the site title, meta description tags, heading, and strategic areas within content. They should also build backlinks with keywords as anchor text. Using keywords in this way will improve traffic to the site.

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