Monday, April 16, 2012

If You Are Making Excuses, An Opportunity Exists

We have all made excuses about something and many of us probably do this more often than not. Making an excuse puts us into a defensive position…is that really where we want to be? Living defensively is not fun and it is no way to run our professional life. When we begin reframing excuses as negative responses to opportunities, we discover the chances we have to grow.

It is easy to say there is no time to improve relationships with family and friends. It is even relatively painless to declare that we cannot improve our career. However, is it smart to talk and act this way? Definitely not! We are cutting ourselves off from chances to become better. We get only one shot at life and there is no time for regrets because there is too much to achieve.

Whether excuses have kept you from earning a 6 figure income, becoming more spiritual, or strengthening ties with people in your social network, now is the time to change this. Start a home business, begin worshipping, spend time with friends and family. Take the action that you have wasted so much energy avoiding. The result could be amazing.

Excuses are nothing more than fear put into words. Do not give fear this credence. Catch yourself before an excuse comes out of your mouth. Do the opposite of what the excuse allowed you to do, which usually means taking action. Push aside insecurities and head into the career, emotional, and spiritual unknown.

After you achieve what you once made excuses not to do, you will wonder why you fussed so much. With an improved sense of self-confidence, you will be ready to tackle new and bigger challenges. Soon, excuses will become dirty words and you will be happier and more successful than you ever imagined was possible.

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