Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tie Between Jeff Usner And Dani Johnson

Secret Millionaire star Dani Johnson has been very successful with home-based businesses. She now teaches others how to experience this level of success. One of her students has become a teacher in his own right. Jeff Usner, Internet marketing millionaire, even collaborated with Dani’s husband Hans Johnson to teach the strategies they used to develop their successful businesses.

Jeff is founder of Leadstore, Profit Hub, and several other companies that have become very successful. Hans made his own millions with home businesses and is CEO of the successful Call To Freedom International. In 2010, Jeff and Hans offered their expertise to the public during a one-time only two-day Internet Millionaire Bootcamp that was extremely popular.

During the workshop, Jeff revealed his complete business model, spilling the secret methods he uses to drive massive traffic and generate an average of 50,000 leads monthly. The idea behind this move was that if attendees could replicate a mere ten percent of the results, they could skyrocket their incomes and experience previously unimagined business growth. Nothing was held back, providing attendees with a blueprint for lead generation.

Hans complemented Jeff by focusing on the fundamental marketing and business development strategies involved in transitioning a business from the concept stage to million dollar company. He broke down the many business models that exist and explained each step in the process, from how to select a profitable market or come up with a great idea, to how to set up a website without any technical knowledge.

Each man has gone on to experience even more career success. Hans is currently devoting much of his time to Dani’s multiple businesses. Jeff is writing a book and developing new training for entrepreneurs. Called ProfitHub, this program will show anyone how to build a successful business online without having to spend big bucks.

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