Friday, April 27, 2012

What Is Call To Freedom International

Many people spend time, effort, and money establishing a business. Far fewer are in business one year later. Even fewer manage to create an organization that provides a six figure income. With her business called Call To Freedom International, Dani Johnson became part of this minority. Her story of success is truly amazing.

At age 21, Dani was in debt and homeless, living out of her car with only $2.03 in her pocket. She was working as a salesperson, operating out of her trunk and through a pay telephone. For six months, she kept at it, failing every step of the way. Her persistence led her to an experienced business professional who coached and trained her, changing her life forever.

Just five months after she began working with her mentor, Dani was earning $20,000 per month. Within two years, she earned her first million. Dani went on to become a coach and mentor because she did not want anyone else to struggle like she did. She has already made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Dani expands her reach with every new seminar, training program, book, and public appearance. Call To Freedom International is based on a belief in people and the concept that many have not yet reached their potential. The company focuses on small changes designed to achieve big results. By following proven methods and techniques, anyone will have an easier time achieving success.

Call To Freedom shows people how to invest in themselves. By increasing their influence and value, people can change their life and that of those around them. The company shows people how to increase their value by teaching them to become entrepreneurs, smart consumers, and investors. Learn more about the “whole person” approach this important organization takes and you may become its next success story.

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