Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dani Johnson Joining The Effort To Rescue Orphans

Dani Johnson has made helping others her life’s work. She is extending her reach to help rescue 2012 orphans this year. Johnson is collaborating with radio talk show host Kevin McCullough and actor Stephen Baldwin to help thousands of orphans around the world in an effort dubbed “2012 in 2012.” 

XtreMEDIA, the media company of Baldwin and McCullough, is being joined by two charities focusing on orphaned children. Food for Orphans is a Colorado feeding ministry founded and led by Gary Van Dyke. Texas-based King’s Ransom Foundation, co-founded by Johnson, helps people who are hungry, hurt, and in need. XtreMEDIA is encouraging other media partners to participate.

Twenty-five cents may not seem like much but according to Baldwin, it can “literally feed a meal to a child—who literally—will die without it.” Baldwin has made education of the public his goal. McCullough noted that XtreMEDIA’s partners are able to feed an orphan for a year at the cost of just $92. Noting that this is all it takes to save a life, he wants to get more people involved so more children can be rescued.

Johnson commented that each day, people spend money on “the most idiotic things.” She wishes that instead, they would contribute just ten percent of this to feed children on the brink of death. Though Johnson has already gained commitment from two families to raise enough money to each feed 100 orphans, she noted, “there is much, much more to do.”

Johnson consistently advocates the necessity of putting a purpose to money spent. She is doing it in a big way by joining the 2012 in 2012 effort. King’s Ransom Foundation will match every donation made through the website Foundation representative Cindy McFaden said, “together we can make a difference and help feed the children. Let’s do this!”

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