Tuesday, May 1, 2012

With Business, Trust Is Important, Both Internally And Externally

According to business experts, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to develop a productive working relationship without trust. Not only must workers trust each other and their employer, customers must also trust the business and its representatives. Learning how to work from home or an office successfully requires understanding that customers and workers are both part of the team, no matter how geographically disbursed they are.

Whether in a personal or professional environment, a relationship that lacks trust is not really a relationship. Managers cannot automatically make workers trust each other, just as they cannot automatically make customers trust them or the company they represent. Trust requires work but the effort is worth it because this factor is the basis of a healthy work environment.

In order to cooperate, rely upon each other, find communication believable, and take risks, a group must have trust. Team development is essential for business success and this is sometimes easier said than done. It is difficult to achieve true collaboration, especially when customers are added to the mix. Businesses must find ways to reward work team accomplishments and show gratitude to customers for being members of the overall team.

Internally, managers should task teams with resolving real issues and improving relevant processes. They should review and reward progress and make the environment a fun place to work. When workers feel appreciated and rewarded, their positive attitude will spill over to prospects and customers. The target audience will want to become part of the team.

Business successes should be celebrated publicly, with appreciation for everyone. Without the efforts of the work team, the company would not reach its goals. Without customers, the company would not even be in business. When everyone is shown appreciation, the relationship strengthens, deepening the trust between the internal and external members of the team.

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