Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making Your Website Landing Page A Winner

If you have a home based business, it will be difficult to create six figure income without a website. After securing a website host and setting up an account, it is time to develop site content. The landing page is arguably the most important page of a website. If visitors do not like what they see on this page, they will not delve any deeper into the site, resulting in a lost opportunity.

There are several things you can do to make your website landing page effective. If visitors were directed to this page from printed marketing collateral or another site, the page headline should refer to this. Content should mirror the language used on the referring piece or site. This makes the transition smooth and logical, helping to ensure that prospects follow the process through to becoming customers.

The landing page should also feature several calls to action. Experts recommend at least two for a landing page that contains two or three paragraphs and between three and five for a longer page. Instead of using plain text as the call to action, site owners should insert a clickable button featuring an eye-catching graphic and enticing words.

Page content is also important because it keeps visitors engaged. Content should be simple and focused so customers understand the message and its goal. It should include benefits of using the offered and address and overcome possible objections raised by a prospect. Sticking to the point and providing an easy path to ordering are most effective.

The page should be concise and attractive, not long and boring. Site owners should include several relevant images, use font that is easy to read, and leave some white space so the page does not appear overwhelming. Following these tips will have visitors moving past the landing page on their way to making a purchase.

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