Friday, May 11, 2012

Make Social Media A Priority

Social media is critical for any legitimate home business because it connects with a global audience. Entrepreneurs should spend about 30 minutes per day on social media interactions. By providing fresh content daily, they encourage fans and followers to check in for more. Any home business owner can create good social media content by following some simple guidelines.

New customers and prospects may not be aware of complete details regarding a product or service. Taking the time to provide these can pay off in the end. Every two or three days, use social media to explain one product or service in detail. This allows your audience to gain a greater understanding of your company and what it offers.

Visual marketing has become a very effective way to share messages and content. People are visual beings and they want to view creative things that are as attractive as they are useful. Use pictures and images to promote the business and its offerings on social media sites. Post photographs featuring real people using your products or services. Present a new item with video and tell the story of your company with images.

Get customer permission to share positive feedback on social media sites. This adds credibility to your brand and may encourage other customers to provide kudos. Within a short time, you may have enough content to create a testimonial page on your website and in printed marketing collateral. Along the vein of sharing, forward relevant content from others and share general inspirational stories or quotes.

If newly proposed or enacted legislation could affect your business, share this information on social media sites. Provide details about the impact on your company and its offerings and encourage followers to discuss the issue without becoming too heated. Respond to their comments to develop relationships and keep the conversation going.

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