Monday, May 14, 2012

Relationships Are The Key To Lucrative Income Over The Long Haul

Almost anyone can convince someone to make a purchase one time. However, it takes skill to keep customers coming back over the years. Taking the time to develop this skill is worth it if you want to have the best home based business. Relationship building is what enables home entrepreneurs to earn six or seven figure incomes year after year.

Being genuine and having integrity are important in this regard. If customers do not trust you, they will not establish a relationship with you. Trust begins with the initial encounter, so entrepreneurs must be approachable. Customers must feel comfortable enough to ask questions and they must be confident that your answers are accurate. They must believe that you believe in what you are offering.

Authenticity is necessary to develop friends and clients. On a long-term basis, good people generally do not enjoy being around others who are “fake.” They quickly see through this fa├žade and realize they could have a more fulfilling relationship elsewhere. This is as true in business as it is in personal relationships so entrepreneurs should be their true selves at all times.

Using testimonials or statistics in place of interactions will only go so far. Actions speak louder than words, so developing supportive and mutually beneficially relationships will speak volumes with customers. By developing a sales transaction into a relationship, entrepreneurs make customers want to continue coming back.

Look at the business role models of today and you will realize that most of them exhibit the qualities mentioned. These are the folks that are successful regardless of economic conditions. Customers would be hard-pressed to stop dealing with these individuals because they receive much more than a product or service from the interaction. They receive intangible value that can only be provided by this type of relationship. 

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