Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stephen Baldwin Attends First Steps To Success With Dani Johnson!

Thousands of people have benefitted from Dani Johnson training, going on to achieve huge success. The word seems to have reached Hollywood because actor Stephen Baldwin was recently at the last First Steps to Success seminar, tweeting about it to the world. Stephen, Dani, and radio talk show host Kevin McCullough were also recently featured in MarketWatch from The Wall Street Journal regarding their campaign to feed 2012 orphans this year.

First Steps to Success is designed for anyone who wants to succeed without sacrificing personal freedom. Dani travels across the country teaching people what she learned the hard way. Her success system is proven to be effective with people from all walks of life. Dani walks participants through an eye-opening process that begins with an exploration of their true purpose.

Different things block the way to success and Dani helps participants identify and overcome these. People who have great ideas learn how to position, promote, and market them and others discover proven ways to earn money in any economy. Everyone learns how to achieve better results in less time using techniques like teambuilding. Dani even shares some million-dollar principles for increasing income.

The next First Steps to Success seminar will be held in Dallas, Texas, on July 14 and 15. Registration for this two-day seminar is open but available space is filling up quickly so be sure to register online soon. Anyone who wants to learn more before registering should view the new seminar demo video on Dani’s website.

Participants may find themselves sitting next to a global celebrity when they attend First Steps to Success. Even the stars are looking for ways to be more successful and they are turning to Dani for help. In his own words, Stephen Baldwin had a “life changing experience” at this seminar. If you register soon, you can too!

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