Monday, June 25, 2012

Jeff Usner Discusses Importance Of Communication In Business

Jeff Usner, Internet marketing guru and star of an upcoming episode of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire, has a lot to say about communication. So much, that it took a three-part video to convey what he believes are the most important aspects of communication as it pertains to business ventures. These videos are posted on YouTube and are definitely worth watching. Jeff conveys his points in a straightforward manner filled with examples and explanations.

Many entrepreneurs are not alone when they start their first business. They may have family members or some employees to assist with the startup process. Whether they are communicating with one person or twenty, entrepreneurs must maintain open lines and be clear regarding expectations, potential challenges, changes, and exciting developments. As with any journey, there may be bumps or even roadblocks and entrepreneurs must be prepared to deal with them.

Setting expectations is an important first step and Jeff illustrates this well in his initial video, with help from the youngest members of his family. He describes the destination and explains that their ride may be bumpy or contain some roadblocks. In part two, Jeff explains how to minimize misunderstandings and frustrations that commonly occur while the business is in its initial stages. There are plenty of opportunities for these to occur and entrepreneurs may learn how to anticipate and deal with them.

Part three of the video provides the final keys to getting off a bumpy journey and moving onto the smooth road to success. The steps are practical and can be immediately implemented by entrepreneurs within any industry. By sitting down together, the team can determine business goals and discuss challenges that may be encountered along the way. Both short-term and long-term goals and challenges should be discussed.

Entrepreneurs should review these objectives and potential deterrents with all members of the team and obtain consensus regarding understanding. Eventually, the rough roads will end and a smoother portion of the journey will begin. If expectations are not established at the beginning of the endeavor, entrepreneurs may find themselves alone by this time. Team members will have bailed when the road got rough because they did not understand that the difficult times would only be temporary.

With everyone knowing what is expected of him or her and working toward common goals, the journey will be much more pleasant for all involved. Though there may be challenges along the way, team members will be prepared to handle them in a constructive way so the endeavor can move forward while they work through the issues. Being able to anticipate challenges should even help to avoid some of them.

Jeff takes a no-nonsense approach when explaining the importance of communication in the business world. The information he provides can also be used in other areas of life such as personal relationships. Take some time to watch these videos and you will not be sorry. As Jeff says, you must make sure that the team you are with is with you on your journey.

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