Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Unlock Business Success, You Need The Keys

It is difficult to believe that we are already halfway through the year. Have you achieved even one of your goals for 2012? If your resolution list has been untouched until now, it is time to take action. Many people vowed to make positive changes in their careers this year and if you are one of them, we have a valuable tool for you. Head over to the Dani Johnson website and listen to her Monday night strategy call recording regarding unlocking success in your career or business.

Dani knows a lot about how to create six figure income because she has done it repeatedly. She owns multiple businesses and through hard work has discovered how to make each one successful. Now, she devotes time to helping others realize the same success in their professional lives. Dani is a straight-shooter, conveying the most important points in a simple manner without sugar coating anything. At the same time, she is inspirational enough to make even the laziest person want to conquer the world.

This self-made millionaire realized years ago what some of us have not yet learned. She looked around at successful business people and discovered that luck did not get them there. Hard work and a few simple methods are what enabled them to achieve their goals. Dani incorporated those methods into her business approach and has taught thousands of others to do the same.

The strategy call recording is just over one hour long and is filled with valuable information. Dani begins by providing an overview of her early life, which was not positive. At age 19, she was introduced to the concept of working for herself rather than working for someone else and this changed her life. She quit her job and became an entrepreneur, a move that was not initially successful. After encountering two other entrepreneurs who were flourishing, she was told to attend a business training seminar.

Dani borrowed the money to attend this seminar filled with a group of strangers. The decision was a good one because after eight days, she generated $4,000 in income. However, she came to the difficult realization that she did not know everything about being a successful entrepreneur. To develop her business, she needed to learn from someone who was successful.

After referring the people she was working with to someone more experienced in business, things changed dramatically. Those people were successful, causing Dani’s income to skyrocket. She earned $11,000 during the second month of training and her income continued to climb. Unfortunately, her personal decisions were not as positive and she found herself homeless and in debt.

At her lowest point, Dani had a wakeup call. She realized that change was necessary and she used her skills to start another new business from scratch. Dani was off and running again, turning this business into a success, earning more than one million dollars within two years. Her life is now amazing and she wants to help everyone else achieve the same level of success.

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