Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed By Google

More than 888 billion searches are done on Google sites worldwide every month. Each day, more than 620 million people visit Google to search for information online. As of July 2008, Google had indexed one trillion page views. These are impressive statistics and they indicate the power this search engine wields in the online world. If you have a legitimate home business, you should establish an Internet presence and optimize online efforts for this massive global search engine.

Google thrives on natural (unpaid) search results because these drive more people to use its service. Delivering the best results means finding websites that users consider valuable. Google attempts to identify website elements that serve as proof of a site’s value and it regularly alters its ranking algorithms to prioritize these elements. Website branding is included in these factors because people trust and interact more with online brands they know.

Though it may seem like the largest brands fair better in natural search results, small companies can do several things to compete with these major players online. Even a site with only a few pages can create a strong online brand. Developing a brand generates new business and pays off in terms of search engine optimization, or SEO. Customers feel more comfortable providing personal and payment information when interacting with a recognized brand.

Creating a logo that is easily recognized and matching the color scheme on the website to the colors used in offline marketing efforts are two effective branding techniques. Company slogans and marketing messages should be consistent across online and offline advertising. Marketing messages should emphasize the main features and benefits of company products or services, doing so in a concise manner. Customers will be more likely to remember such messages and associate your company brand with them.

Website SEO is critical to branding because search engines use this to determine the purpose of the site. Incorporate keyword phrases and branded keywords into website content. A keyword phrase is what users enter during their search engine queries. Branded keywords are unique for your business and are as simple as including your company name in a keyword phrase.

Be sure to include branded keywords in website title tags so search engine spiders can easily find these terms. Title tags should be no more than 62 characters and should not be stuffed with unrelated keywords. They should read naturally and include branded keywords following the pipe symbol. This branded keyword placement contributes to search engine recognition of the company brand name.

When developing online branding, think big. Look at what the largest brands do and take the same approach. Even the smallest details, like formatting e-newsletters to reflect website branding elements, can make a big difference. The more locations branding can be incorporated online, the better. This approach increases consumer trust and engages site visitors. Future versions of Google algorithms will favor well-branded websites, so get in the good graces of this search engine now. Your business will benefit greatly from the improved search results ranking.

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