Thursday, July 5, 2012

Want To Learn How To Work From Home? Let An Expert Show You!

Have you had it with the long work commute and sitting in a tiny cubicle all day? Are you tired of hearing co-workers gossip and complain when they should be working? Do you have better ideas than your boss but are never heard? If so, you may be ready to leave the traditional corporate environment and learn how to work from home. Let entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Dani Johnson show you how.

On July 16, Dani will offer her popular Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop in Dallas, Texas. It is part of a three-day event, with the life-changing First Steps To Success program held during the first two days. Tens of thousands of people have participated in First Steps and learned how to establish a home business during the final day of the event. This last day is dedicated to realizing home based business success, so do not miss it.

Whether you have been in the corporate world for decades and are now at the executive level or are entering the workforce for the first time, you can become a home based entrepreneur. Dani will reveal how to be your own boss and create a successful business based from home. She is qualified because she used the same methods to achieve her own entrepreneurial success. At one point, she had just $2.03 and just one year later, she was making $250,000.

Dani has helped thousands of people get out of debt and escape corporate jobs that were going nowhere. She taught them to create a home business that generates a six or seven figure income. It can take years of work to learn what Dani teaches in a single day. Attendees learn how to position their new business for exponential growth with minimal effort. They even discover how to grow steady and lasting residual income that withstands economic downturns.

This workshop is dedicated to home based businesses so the topics and skills are relevant to this structure. Attendees receive information about home based work that they cannot find elsewhere. Dani has established several home businesses so she knows which techniques work. She also recognizes that being an entrepreneur is much different from being an employee and she helps smooth the transition for former corporate workers.

Being the boss means learning how to work with different personalities. Whether they are prospecting, building a team, or dealing with vendors, entrepreneurs must create successful interactions. Dani shows them how, explaining everything from how to motivate a team to how to develop a 20,000-member sales force in just two years without doing any advertising.

No matter what your entrepreneurial aspirations are, this workshop can help. You will learn how to beat the competition and earn your first $10,000 check. Presentations will no longer make you sweat and prospecting will become second nature. You will create a sales team that is ready, willing, and able to work for you and knows how to close every deal. In short, you will become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be!

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