Monday, August 13, 2012

Amos Winbush Becomes The Next Secret Millionaire On August 19

This season of the ABC television show Secret Millionaire is in full swing and on August 19, a new millionaire will be in the spotlight. However, no one who encounters Amos Winbush III during his week in New Orleans will know that he is a millionaire. We cannot wait to hear him tell how he created his six figure income and plans to use it to help others who have helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Winbush is founder and CEO of CyberSynchs, a technology company specializing in universal data synchronization and transfer. He founded this company at the tender age of 26 and at a time when many aspiring entrepreneurs were waiting for the recession to end. He started the business in his studio apartment and developed it to a $20 million company. His goal was to design and create a universal wireless solution for management, backup, and retrieval of mobile content.

Realizing that collaboration with a major technology company would help in his endeavor, Winbush approached Sun Microsystems. The resulting partnership gave CyberSynchs the ability to develop on the JAVAFX platform and provided access to the Sun Cloud. CyberSynchs is distributed by Sun Microsystems within JAVAFX, which expanded company penetration of the market. Winbush and his executive team are currently negotiating additional agreements with manufacturers of smart phones, mobile phones, and digital cameras.

This young millionaire and his company have received much attention in recent years. Winbush was named the 2010 Innovator of the Year by Black Enterprise and CyberSynchs was included in the 2010 Entrepreneur magazine list of 100 Brilliant Companies. Winbush has presented at numerous entrepreneurial and technology conferences in Silicon Alley in New York and at the JAVAONE conference.

If you knew Winbush back in 2007, you may have thought he was headed in a different direction. His family worked in the music business and he had a record deal and several singles. Were it not for is iPhone going black during a recording session, he may not have come up with the idea for the automatic data backup service that made him a millionaire. More than 60 million users worldwide thank him for the idea every time their mobile devices and computers crash.

Winbush has an open door in his office and wants to remain involved in technology development. This desire to contribute led him to the low-income section of New Orleans, where he lived and volunteered his time during Secret Millionaire. Winbush met many locals who helped, and continue to help, revitalize the hurricane-ravaged community, restoring hope to residents. Some of those became the lucky recipients of a portion of his fortune.

According to Winbush, he answers every message he receives. Every day, he works on developing partnerships worldwide. He also spends substantial time at events, working with organizations that make a difference from a business or charitable perspective. This down-to-earth twentysomething continues to raise the bar for himself and his future endeavors will no doubt include additional charitable contributions and volunteer efforts.  

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