Saturday, August 11, 2012

Even Mistakes Have Their Place In Life

As much as we hate to admit it, we all make mistakes. Some are small like forgetting to tighten the lid on a jar before shaking the contents. Others are whoppers like blowing a paycheck on a new outfit instead of paying the mortgage. We look back and wonder why we messed up, thinking that if we had another opportunity, we would do things differently. Some of us spend time mentally and even verbally abusing ourselves for the mistakes we make.

What we should realize is that even mistakes have a purpose. We may wonder how making poor financial decisions that land us in debt can have any meaning. Were it not for those monetary mistakes, we might never learn the true value of a dollar. Being in debt also provides the opportunity to learn how to get out of it and prevent it from happening in the future. The lessons may not be positive but they are definitely useful.

Rather than punishing ourselves for our mistakes, we should learn from them. Everything you do has a purpose, so find the purpose in your mistakes. Take your debt situation and use it as motivation to create six figure income by starting your own business. Not only will you be financially free, you will also acquire valuable business skills and increase your self-confidence. Take those lemons and make lemonade!

Spending time mulling over mistakes and telling ourselves how foolish we were to make them is not productive. Use the time to turn screw ups into accomplishments. Just because you are in a bad place now does not mean this will last forever. Focus on taking action to keep your life moving in a positive direction. Making a mistake is not an excuse to rest on your laurels. It is life’s way of telling you that something must be done differently. Listen and respond to your inner voice.

Many people turn to spirituality when grappling with mistakes they have made. Scripture shows us that even errors have meaning and may have positive results. It also gives us the hope and courage to handle difficult times. Our faith guides us down a path away from our errors and into more positive situations. We learn it is not our place to question. Instead we must simply believe.

To live a happier life, let your mistakes drive you to success. Your potential is unlimited, even if you are far from realizing it. Follow the example of others who have been where you are and created a better life for themselves. Wallowing in your mistakes will get you nowhere and that is not where you want to be.

When mistakes get you down, shrug off the negative feelings. Instead of focusing on how you got where you are, concentrate on how to make life better. Soon, you will find yourself making the right decisions by default. Of course, you will make some mistakes along the way, but they will be few and minimal. Learn from them and move on!

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