Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr. Kirk Elliot, America’s Financial Doctor, Visits The Dani Johnson Show

Dr. Kirk Elliot is known as America’s Financial Doctor and for good reason. He is a financial guru who has educated and equipped clients with the information required to safeguard their assets. Elliot recently appeared on the Dani Johnson Radio Show, sharing his financial remedies with the many Americans whose finances are ailing during this struggling economy. Visit Dani’s website to hear what he had to say and begin making money work for you.

Elliot earned a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.A. in International Studies, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. The good doctor has been working in the financial services industry since 1994. Since January 2002, Elliot has served as an investment advisor at McAlvany Financial Group, a company that designs and manages investment portfolios featuring various asset categories. The umbrella company caters to people of every financial status.

As an adjunct faculty member in economics, international business, and public policy at several schools, Elliot is skilled at educating the average person. He frequently appears at geopolitical and economic  forums and has been interviewed on many radio talk shows. In addition, Elliot has appeared on both local and national television on networks including SkyAngel and Daystar.

This financial expert is also the founder and president of a non-profit foundation called Philanthropia, which cares for people in need around the globe. Somehow, he has remaining spare time to serve on the board at Patrick Henry College in Virginia and raise a family in Southwest Colorado. He also had time to squeeze in a brief visit with Dani, revealing the financial issues that are most important to many Americans.

Millions of people want to learn how to get out of debt and begin building wealth. Elliot revealed some ways that Americans can weather the financial storm of the current economy and emerge victorious. Dani had some information to add, revealing how her early years were represented by a struggle to survive with just a few dollars in her bank account. Times certainly have changed, as Dani is now a multimillionaire, philanthropist, owner of several businesses, and television star.

If you are unhappy with your present status in life, listen to this radio show recording and begin taking action. Dani offers several books, training programs, and events that piggyback on the information discussed. These feature proven techniques for becoming debt-free and building unimagined financial success. Anyone can use these tools regardless of stage or position in life. Dani is living proof that they work, as are the thousands of people that she helped achieve success.

There is nothing like getting valuable information for free so do not pass up this opportunity. Getting advice from two of the top financial experts in America does not happen every day. Questions asked during the show were many of those that you are wondering right now so get the answers before life passes you by. The doctor is in and you do not even need to make an appointment so there is no reason to wait.

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