Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let Dani Johnson Show You How To Become A Home Business Superstar

Do you enjoy being your own boss but wish your venture was more successful? Have you established a home business but want to increase its momentum so you can earn the big bucks? Anyone who answers “yes” to these questions should consider attending Dani Johnson’s Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 1. Registration is still open but do not delay because this event is in high demand. 

If you have invested the time and effort to turn one of your home business ideas into reality, congratulations! You are already aware that the road to entrepreneurial success is not always smooth traveling. Let an expert make things easier for you by sharing information and skills essential for home business success. Dani is an entrepreneur several times over so she has encountered the obstacles and felt the frustrations. She persevered, developing a committed team that is making money and achieving goals.

During this workshop, Dani will reveal how any home entrepreneur can create a duplicatable system for a team. This is a simple method for achieving success and it removes the entrepreneur from the role of manager. Your business will begin experiencing exponential growth without any effort on your part. Dani will even reveal how to create solid, long-lasting residual income.

Dani plans to share her best-kept secrets including how to inspire prospects to immediately begin making money. Dead contacts will turn into top producers if her system is implemented correctly. You will learn how to develop a sales force that is 20,000 people strong within just two years and without doing any advertising. In addition, the customer base will grow to a previously unimagined figure, allowing income to continuously flow.

This self-made entrepreneur was thrilled when she earned her first $10,000 check and she wants you to experience the same feeling. Learn how to develop closing skills and handle any objection that a prospect provides. If you are a beginner in the entrepreneurial world, Dani will provide a three-step process to become an expert. Even those who do not have technical knowledge of the products they offer can outsell their competition by ten to one simply by learning and implementing one secret that Dani will reveal.

Economic conditions can change quickly but Dani will share the skill set that enables entrepreneurs to prospect successfully within any environment. You will have the opportunity to perfect your skills through interactive role-playing activities with other attendees and maybe even Dani herself. There will even be a lesson on using the Internet to your entrepreneurial advantage by creating a viral follower base through storytelling.

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to position your home business for success. The step-by-step system revealed by Dani will help all entrepreneurs to advance their businesses and equip their sales forces with the tools required for leadership development. For just $497, receive admission to the First Steps To Success seminar and this Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop, two events that will change your life.

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