Monday, November 12, 2012

Do You Have Financial Faith

Many people have faith in their finances but far fewer have financial faith. These terms may sound the same but, as Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire explains, they are actually very different. Faith is something that is never truly “fulfilled.” People have varying levels of faith and even those with the most can get more of it. We tend to categorize faith without realizing that we do it. It is time we took notice of our financial faith and took steps to increase it.

Having faith that God will heal a disease is common but having faith that he will present financial opportunities is not. Even people who believe that God doles out financial blessings typically think that they will not be recipients. Such faith for others is categorized faith. Believing that God will provide something to someone else but not you is a lie. On the other hand, you do not need to walk with God to have financial faith, says Dani.

However, if you walk with God and follow his financial laws, your life can be transformed. A planet filled with people like this can change the world. Believers should realize that by increasing their financial faith, they can create enormous change on a huge scale. Dani says that, unfortunately, our culture tends to be confused.

The world is filled with people who have strong faith but do not walk with God. Dani tells us to think of faith like a seed. When it is used, it grows and reproduces. When it is not, it remains dormant. Financial doubt is similar. Its growth is determined by whether it is fed or neglected. If people neglect their doubt, it will die. At the same time, they should feed their faith because the Bible itself recommends dwelling on things that are right and honorable.

Many people place hope in credit and trust in a mentor, teacher, leader, or their own ability to create income. However, none of these things is truly worthy of hope and trust. By freeing themselves of the idolatry of credit cards and the mentality of poverty, people increase their financial faith. Dani reminds us that God, not the credit industry, is the Lord over our finances.

Take out the scissors and credit cards and cut away, my friends. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable for finances. Cut off ways to get into debt and God will provide a way to live without it. Dani has seen it in her own life and now helps others experience the same miracle. God wants us to ask for what we need and to activate our faith by taking action on what is provided.

We must ask in order to receive. Statements like “I don’t have money” and “I can’t afford it” should be replaced with “I need help getting out of debt” and “Please show me how to live debt-free.” Rather than killing our financial faith through our comments, we should feed it through our actions. God believes in us and that should be enough.

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