Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dani Johnson Puts The Presidential Election In Perspective

Millions of us eagerly awaited the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election. Though it was a tight race, President Barack Obama was reelected, and whether you are thrilled or heartbroken, self-made millionaire Dani Johnson has a message for you (and it is a good one). In an article on her website, Dani wrote that “what happens in the White House ultimately does not determine what happens in your house.”

This thought-provoking statement can pertain to many things. Dani revealed that in the wake of the election, she witnessed the maturity of Americans first-hand on her Facebook page and radio show. She watched and listened to people with very diverse perspectives respect and embrace each other. People felt comfortable enough to speak freely, yet were mature enough to speak wisely and with honor. Those who listened did so attentively and did not attack. This is commendable because it reflects the core of American values.

Dani revealed that prior to previous elections, she was filled with anxiety and fearful of the outcome. She felt that whoever was elected to Presidential office would determine her life path. Prior to this election, Dani was no longer worried about the outcome because she claims to have an intensified vision. Anyone who has seen her in action would wonder how that is possible because she is already a powerhouse.

Dani was right when she stated that not much changed from November 6 to 7 and not much will change unless we make it change. THAT, friends, is the key. Life will not get any better next week, next month, or next year unless we take steps to make it better. Whether this involves changing our perspective, advancing our skills, or developing our careers, we must decide whether to make it happen. Our actions, not those of the President, directly determine the stability of our future.
Those of us who employ maturity when speaking should be just as mature when dealing with personal finances. We should find ways to get ourselves out of debt, not rely on an already overburdened public assistance program to do it for us. If we are unhappy with our careers, we should be mature enough to realize this and make a change rather than just complaining.

Instead of relying on the government to change our lifestyle, we should be the examples by living the way we expect Americans to live. We can mirror the government that we want to see and since there is power in numbers, we can make change happen. This is a time of excitement and hope, no matter where your political allegiance falls.

Our world offers more opportunities than past generations could ever imagine. These arose from reactions to trying and difficult times. People who are pressed to the limit eventually step up and make changes, creating a better future for themselves and others. Now is the time for your personal transformation, so go with it, and exhibit the maturity and honor that makes you a true American.

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