Friday, November 9, 2012

Is There A World Changer In Your Midst…Or In The Mirror

People born in the 1980s and 1990s are classified as Generation Y. While many older generations view this group as the up-and-comers, they may want to think again. According to The Washington Post, Generation Y has been pampered and provided excessive praise. Sounds like a group of spoiled brats! In addition, this generation has had a wide variety of options and given an unprecedented amount of control and independence. Spoiled brats gone wild!

At this point, many Generation Y readers have become angry and stopped reading this post. That is what they do after receiving a message they do not like. They become offended and start complaining that life is unfair. However, it is about time that someone told them how things are. Oh, and do not think you are off the hook if you are part of another generation. After all, you raised, work with, or regularly encounter someone in this generation.

Members of Generation Y are used to being rewarded just for showing up. If the mood did not strike them to attend sports or music practice as kids, they stayed home. Despite closets filled with fashionable clothing and kitchens filled with food, they told their parents there was nothing to wear or eat. Even Generation Yers from low-income households received new toys, electronics, and clothing as children, though the brands might have been less expensive.

What does all this mean? Generation Y wants to be rewarded for their mere presence in this world. Who cares about how much value they bring or effort they expend. If they do not like how things are going, they simply quit (and complain a lot). This is not acceptable behavior for a child, let alone an adult in the real world. The scary part is that by 2025, 75 percent of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of Generation Yers. Prepare for the tantrums, folks.

Unfortunately, the situation gets worse. Time magazine reports that 40 percent of Generation Y workers believe that a promotion should come their way every two years, with only nine percent believing that it should be performance-based. This generation also feels that they should have custom-made jobs and that their employers are lucky to have them.

Best of all, half of them would prefer to be unemployed than remain in a job they hate, reports The Washington Post. Therefore, it should be no shock that 53 percent of recent U.S. college graduates are either underemployed or unemployed. However, delving deeper into this issue reveals a major redeeming quality of Generation Yers…they want to make a difference.

Generation Y feels a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on our world. The majority want to work for a company that takes societal contribution seriously, according to USA TODAY. Some are taking control by starting a work at home business. Those who have not found their career bliss are focusing on other areas of life like family, church, and school. Generation Y is filled with world changers…are you one of them?

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