Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Has Hurricane Sandy Caused You To Reevaluate Your Career

From the Caribbean to southern New England, homes and businesses are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane-Superstorm Sandy. The financial impact is projected at approximately $50 to $60 billion, with $30 billion of that attributed to lost business. Though this may not put a dent in the U.S. economy, individual businesses may go under due to their share of the costs. Events like this cause many people to reevaluate their careers.

People who work for someone else are literally putting their financial future in the hands of another. If the business is impacted by an event like Sandy, the owner may find it infeasible to continue operations. Reasons range from the cost to reopen to the fear of experiencing another catastrophic event. Wouldn’t you prefer to be the one making this decision than having someone else make it and leave you without any income? Many workers are coming to this conclusion and are making big changes as a result.

Employees who have been planning to retire may take Sandy as a signal that now is the time. Others who are tired of not being in control are taking over the reins by starting their own businesses.Some are reviewing the many work from home opportunities publicized online to see which ones seem interesting.  Even in this recovering economy, there are home-based careers suitable for a variety of education, experience, and skill sets. Spend time reviewing these and you might find your next career.

With the new year coming, people are drafting their resolution lists. While dieting and exercise usually find their ways onto these, career is another popular topic. Consider making 2013 the year that you finally go out on your own and establish a business. Being in charge definitely has its benefits including the ability to grow the business as much as desired. Entrepreneurs also have the creative power to take their companies in nearly any direction.

If a natural disaster occurs on the future, it will be your decision as the business owner whether to continue or call it quits. Businesses that have been established correctly are able to handle these situations without serious financial impact because they have cash reserves earmarked for emergencies. The money is used to replace damaged equipment and secure temporary headquarters if the regular location is uninhabitable.

With a disaster plan in place, your new business will be prepared for whatever comes. Generators and backup servers are worthwhile investments for these situations. Planning how operations will continue in the event of a disaster results in little or no downtime. While the competition is trying to gather itself together, your business will be proceeding as usual.

Think about whether now is the time for you to become an entrepreneur and if so, get started. There is no time like the present and there are plenty of opportunities, whatever you want to do. Find a mentor and start networking now to make the business successful in the future. You will cross one thing off your resolution list!

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