Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Overcoming Your Fear of Failing

Most of us dream of what we want to become and our dreams range in size. Many people would be content with being good parents to healthy children while others want to act or go into politics. Dreams of all sizes face one large obstacle. They are intimidating, causing us to experience fear. Though most people know they have something to offer the world, they also fear they do not have the knowledge or tools required to do it successfully.

Overcoming the fear of failing may seem like an impossible task but it is actually quite simple. It involves exploring the root of the fear before embarking on the road to success. Addressing the issue at the beginning prevents it from becoming buried only to reappear in the future, stifling success. Fear is simply a biological reaction to an unfamiliar situation but it can have a very real basis. Discover the root of your fear and address this problem so it cannot not affect your future.

Having no goals is the easiest way to ensure an unsuccessful life. The presence of a dream, no matter how small it may seem, is better than lack of one. Every career or field of interest can benefit from additional influential leaders. Commit the dream to writing and create a list of what must be accomplished in order to achieve it. Every dream becomes more feasible when it is broken into small components. This process identifies the steps and resources required on the path to success.

Use this plan as a roadmap and enlist experts to help along the way because there is nothing more beneficial to goal achievement than a mentor. The person most qualified to serve in a mentoring role is someone who has achieved the same dream. Mentoring may sound like a big undertaking but something as simple as advice from an expert can be sufficient.

As one example, if you want to create a home business that expands your sphere of influence and provides lucrative income, purchase a Dani Johnson script book. Dani is a lifestyle improvement expert who made her first million dollars working from home and built upon her success with other business endeavors. She now runs multiple companies, has written several influential books, and speaks to large, public audiences around the world.

Dreaming is contagious so as you do it others will join in. Encourage this, bringing them into the fold so they can realize just as much success. If you embark on a self-directed career, ask friends, family, and former co-workers to join you on the adventure. Helping each other become more successful creates a winning situation for all involved.

Take a few moments today to dream, recognizing fear of failure when it arises and addressing the problem that lies beneath the surface. Commit the goals to writing and create a plan that supports their achievement. Find someone who successfully achieved the dream and listen to what this person has to say. Then, gather the troops and take them along on this journey to success!

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