Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creating A Team-Based Work At Home Business

The best home based business leverages the power of numbers. In this context, “numbers” refers to people, not income. An entrepreneur can only make it so far alone. Developing a team of committed individuals enhances the results that any person can achieve individually. Team synergy has enabled many entrepreneurs to earn more income than they ever thought possible, achieving their dreams and helping others to do the same.

A group of people is just a collection of individuals but a team is much more. Teams work together toward a common goal and when they are comprised of high-performing individuals, they are very effective. Building the best teams requires a supportive environment that is nurtured over time. It is not enough to gather people together, tell them what to do, and unleash them on the world. Each member of the team must be educated and buy into the vision and mission of the business and how he or she fits into this larger picture.

The entrepreneur must explain how the role of each team member is essential to organizational goal achievement. Involving team members in brainstorming ideas and establishing priorities is part of this process. Each person brings unique skills and experiences to the team and these can be used to achieve corporate objectives. People enjoy doing things that relate to their competencies and with which they feel confident. Once individual roles are determined, the entrepreneur must clarify these and the expected outcomes at both individual and team levels.

Many people work for much more than their paychecks or even bonuses. They do it for the intrinsic satisfaction that the job and their achievements provide. When team members do excellent work, they should be praised. As the team reaches milestones, this should be recognized. Praise and other forms of non-monetary recognition are powerful incentives. Leaders should also encourage peers to recognize each other for a job well done because this increases team cohesiveness.

Team members can take things a step further by coaching and mentoring each other. Coaching helps team members grow professionally. They learn how to examine themselves and their needs and engage in critical thinking that guides their behaviors toward goal achievement. Mentoring uses the expertise of one team member to benefit another. Many of the most successful home business owners would not be where they are without a coach or mentor.

While some traditional workplace environments still treat workers as cogs in a wheel, a home work environment is naturally more conducive to an interpersonal approach. Leaders encourage team members to become well-rounded by encouraging these contributors to balance work and personal lives. They stress the importance of taking care of oneself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Leaders should model the behavior and thinking they expect of their team members. This develops high-performers who are committed to the business. When the team possesses a common understanding and is working toward the same goals, it can achieve almost anything. By creating this type of team, the home-based entrepreneur increases the likelihood of success for everyone involved.

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