Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paying Off Debt Without Increasing Income

Many people face challenges when it comes to money and the majority of them believe that increasing income would solve their problems. They think that a raise at work will make their lives easier financially. Some even believe that making more money will eliminate their financial woes. This is a dangerous mindset because we do not need to make more money to repay our debts. We need to change our lifestyles to accommodate what we currently earn and in the process, repay what we owe.

Most of us earn more than we did upon entering the workforce. Most of us are also in more debt than we were then. This reveals that making more money is not the answer to our problems. In fact, it is detrimental for people who have trouble managing their finances to earn more money. People who spend every penny they currently earn will probably spend what they earn if they make more money. Their lifestyles grow with their incomes simply because they have the money.

Spending habits, not lack of income, are the problem. Money is designed to grow, not represent something to be spent each month. Most people live from one paycheck to the next, never saving any money to grow something larger. By tracking their spending, people see where their income is being spent. This helps them identify unnecessary expenses that can be eliminated to free up money to repay debts and save for the future.

Focusing on growth enables us to be faithful with what we earn. A few simple and painless lifestyle adjustments may enable us to live within our means with money left over to grow. For example, is it really necessary to dine out several nights a week when we can prepare delicious, healthier meals at home for a fraction of the cost? Is purchasing designer clothing at full-price wise when some stores sell the same brands at a discount?

Many Americans are deep in debt, living from paycheck to paycheck and thinking that more money is the answer to their problems. However, some have managed to free themselves from this cycle and mindset to improve their situations. They learn how to live on what they earn. Even better, they make lifestyle changes that enable them to repay debts accumulated over the years.

Freeing up money is the first step. Making it grow is where this adjusted mindset literally pays off. Many people take this opportunity to change their careers for good, establishing a legitimate home business that provides income and inner satisfaction. As they improve their lives, others take notice and may want to know the secret.

There really is no secret because this approach is based on common sense. Money will not fall from trees and even when people begin earning more money, most of them will squander it. A change in financial mindset is necessary to stop living from hand to mouth and begin growing money for the future. Change your future by changing your perspective.

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