Friday, March 8, 2013

Preparing Yourself for a New Career Opportunity, Dani Johnson Style

Are you unhappy with your current career situation? Perhaps your job is not challenging, the boss is unpleasant, or the paycheck is not very impressive. Maybe this employment does not offer the desired career path. Whatever the case, there is some reason for dissatisfaction. Even a new job that seems like it will be amazing can leave you disgruntled after a short time. Changing jobs may seem like the answer but it will most likely result in the same disappointment. The perfect opportunity is not likely to present itself, saving the day.

The lesson to be learned is that we must position ourselves for opportunities. Life improvement entrepreneur Dani Johnson knows this all too well and she recently discussed this topic via a posting on her website. She provided an excellent example: would Prince Charming have gone looking for Cinderella if she had not attended the ball? Chances are good that the prince would not have known that Cinderella existed.

What is the takeaway from this? Anyone who is wondering why opportunity has not come knocking, why promotions have not been offered, and why paychecks seem much too small needs to begin improving his or her skills. Positioning oneself for new career opportunities involves several steps beginning with getting rid of the negative attitude. This outlook becomes evident everywhere including at work, where it can affect promotions and pay. New contacts may be turned away by all the trash-talking about the job, boss, and company.

Look around and see who is being promoted at work. Find out what these people are doing differently. Identify your own habits and determine whether these are helpful or harmful to career advancement. Negativity may not be the only bad habit. Regular lateness to work, unprofessionalism, sarcasm, and antisocial behavior are habits that top the naughty list with employers. Mirror the actions of people who are advancing in the workplace not those whose careers have stagnated.

Be appreciative of what the current job offers and look for resources and skills that build upon this. Take a class to make yourself more valuable to an employer. Identify a skill that the rest of the workforce lacks and master it. Fill a void in the workplace that helps improve daily operations. As Dani says, “Prosper where you are planted.” This behavior will increase growth and promotional opportunities.

Every day, Dani provides the public with ways to improve their skills. She literally hands over the skill sets required to create six figure income. The problem is that many of us have not stepped up. Some people have heard but not really listened to her messages. Others have listened but not applied her teachings.

However, there are also those who have seized the opportunities presented. They have used these to change their lives. Dani is waiting for the rest of us to be ready to join her growing community of successful individuals. We have the resources required to prepare ourselves for new career opportunities…all we need to do is take action. 

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