Friday, April 19, 2013

Dani Johnson Tells Us How To Battle The Economy And Win

If anyone knows how to turn a personal financial crisis into a winning situation it is Dani Johnson. In her early twenties, Dani used her dedication to transform her financial status from bleak to amazing. Economic conditions are much different today and many people use this as an excuse for their debt and unemployment. However, there are also people who are flourishing in this economy. This leads to the conclusion that the person, not the economy, is to blame.

How we deal with our circumstances, not the circumstances themselves, determine our success. Just ask Dani, as she managed to go from being broke and homeless to pulling in a six figure income in just one year. People who succeed in the current economy are doing things differently than the majority of the public just as Dani did so many years ago. Why wait for the economy to change when there are ways to become more valuable and successful during the current conditions?

Dani notes that a very small portion of the population, approximately two percent, takes the bull by the horns. The majority of people sit back and wait for change to occur. As we have recently witnessed, change can be slow in arriving and there may be subsequent setbacks that extend the wait. Time is precious and to make the most of it, we must learn skills that increase our value and distinguish us from people who are waiting for change to arrive.

The economy and job market are characterized by a continuous state of change. However, one thing holds true no matter what state these are in: value commands a premium. By increasing our value, we increase our worth and raises, promotions, and career growth follow. Dani has helped thousands of people to elevate their value. Her technique? Helping people to increase their skills. Success is not determined by background, family, personality, or looks. Skill is what makes one person more valuable than another is.

According to Dani, professional, interpersonal, and leadership skills increase value, indirectly increasing income. We must master the skills required by our professions, be willing to learn new skills, and be open to specializing. These characteristics separate the amateurs from the professionals. Enhancing our people skills results in income security and success. Individuals who lack people skills are typically the first workers to be downsized.

People who increase their leadership skills become influencers that are valued by the marketplace. These individuals are constantly bettering themselves and they focus on creating results. Someone with an advanced level of leadership skills will not accept excuses. He or she assumes responsibility for creating personal success and helps others become leaders.

Individuals who are in debt, unemployed, or otherwise not meeting their potential perpetuate their situations by doing what they have always done. Those who stop blaming their circumstances on the economy and instead increase their professional, interpersonal, and leadership skills succeed by making themselves more valuable. Dani has helped many people develop their skills so consider using her methods. 

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