Monday, April 22, 2013

Prevent Rejection from Having a Lasting Impact

Rejection comes in many forms and can begin in childhood when a parent abandons a youngster. Other people find themselves victims of rejection from people who made big promises but never delivered. As if experiencing rejection was not bad enough, the lasting impact can sabotage a person’s future. Many people carry around past rejection and it affects their lives and the lives of everyone they encounter.

Self-made entrepreneur Dani Johnson likens the act of carrying around rejection, or merely fearing it, as “pressing the self-destruct button” on personal and professional relationships and isolated elements such as finances. People who carry rejection view circumstances and situations in a skewed way. They enter a situation looking for proof of rejection, twisting reality to provide the desired proof. Someone who carries rejection may alternatively try to reject other people first, blowing situations out of proportion or dramatizing them to become the victim.

These behaviors cause huge issues in personal relationships and business dealings. They ruin friendships and romantic partnerships and do nothing for career advancement. Carrying rejection reveals insecurity and low self-esteem. It will not make someone attractive for a promotion or raise at work, will not draw new clients, and does not serve any other positive purpose.

Rejection carriers do not realize that they do not need to perform a certain way to be accepted. Their existence renders them accepted and they should spend time focusing on where and in whom they choose to invest their time. We choose to stand by people, love, and encourage them. We also choose whom we allow to stand by us. By not allowing others to beat us down repeatedly, we choose to prevent rejection from ruining our lives.

Children are not typically taught how to manage emotional pain. If they experience rejection, they often carry it into adulthood and pass the consequences on to their children. Instead, they should focus on healing and helping others to shed their own fears of rejection. Avoiding this issue will not make it go away. Instead, the negative feelings will fester and affect everyone and everything encountered.

Dani notes that inner healing is the only way to eliminate the aftermath of rejection and prevent passing it along. Inner healing is a major focus of Creating a Dynasty and First Steps to Success, two Dani Johnson training programs offered throughout the country. Dani will be offering First Steps to Success in Pittsburgh on April 27 and 28 and Creating a Dynasty will be held in Pittsburgh from May 17 to 19. Whether you reside on the east coast or will be traveling from overseas, the trip is worth it because these seminars change lives.

Rejection is one of several personal obstacles to achieving full potential in life. Everyone who is carrying around rejection should deal with it. Otherwise, this issue will have power over their lives and negatively affect their careers and personal lives. First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty are two programs that provide the inner healing necessary to overcome rejection.

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