Monday, May 13, 2013

Being Busy Does Not Equate to Accomplishing Anything

Most of us are so busy that each day seems to blend into the next. Some people make themselves busy just so they appear to be doing something. However, being busy is not the same thing as accomplishing anything. Though society seems to glorify the busy aspect of life, most people are simply running in circles. They quickly move from one task to the next, jumping around without moving forward. It is time to break out of this tiring and frustrating cycle that seems to be endless.

We are busy at work and school and this does not end when we get home because we become occupied with transporting children between activities, doing housework, and preparing dinner. Many things pull us in different directions all day long and our constant attempt to keep up leaves us stressed and feeling like we are always running. As life moves faster, we increase our pace to keep up. Getting ahead seems like a dream that will never happen.

Stop right now and realize one thing: results, not time spent, provide the rewards. Results increase our value and at work, this usually leads to a promotion, a pay increase, or both. Someone who is too busy usually does not get anything done. Time, money, and energy are wasted because efforts do not produce results. Being busy is much different than being productive because the first creates excuses while the second creates results. Which would you rather do?

If is very easy to slip into the habit of over-complicating our lives and creating more things for ourselves to do. Take time to identify and remove items from the to-do list that are not productive. If something will not benefit your career, family, health, or yourself, remove it. Streamline daily processes and simplify life in order to focus on tasks that are productive. No one can create six figure income from tasks that are distracting and do not have results.

Most people are always doing something but those tasks do not usually produce consistent results. These folks may even drag others into their constant busy state, causing their co-workers, spouses, and children to become just as tired and stressed as they are. This is no way to live and over time, it can take both physical and mental tolls.

Rather than going about the day in a mindless fashion, pay attention to each task and determine whether it has results. These outcomes identify where focus should be placed. This approach can enhance all aspects of life, allowing us to have more fun, reduce our stress, improve our health, and accomplish our goals. It even allows us to serve as role models for others.

Stop being busy and begin taking control of every moment of the day. By focusing on productive tasks, anyone can accomplish goals that have been pushed aside due to being “too busy.” Rather than glorifying busy behavior, focus on producing results. Life will become less of a struggle and begin to fall into place.

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