Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dani Johnson In Forbes…Part Two

Self-made millionaire Dani Johnson has been featured in many magazines and Forbes is one of the most notable. Within a 24-hour period, the February 13, 2013, Forbes article about Dani received 12,000 Facebook shares and 1,200 Tweets. Leaders at Forbes were so impressed that they decided to publish another article taking an even deeper look at the life of this amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The May 7 article, entitled “One Woman’s Triumph Over Homelessness: How Dani Johnson Beat The Odds And Made Millions,” picks up two weeks after part one ended. It is January 1991 and Dani has just gone from being homeless to living in her own apartment. She fears that the positive turn her life recently took will not last. She reflects upon how she got to this point: making cold calls, asking the right questions, and securing in-home appointments selling a weight loss program.

This initial experience provided a training ground for Dani to perfect her communication skills. One strategy is something she still follows today. She never brings herself into the conversation, instead focusing on her clients and their needs. Dani achieved success by listening to what clients had to say and committing to helping them solve their problems. People agreed to purchase the program without ever seeing it or even viewing a brochure that explained it in writing.

Dani followed up with her new customers to develop professional relationships. She ran additional advertisements to gather new prospects. She thrived on the positive reviews as people began losing weight. But, the negative voice still plagued her. Dani soon realized that listening to the problems of others motivated her and served as an escape. By staying focused and sticking to her mission to leave homelessness behind forever, Dani increased her cash flow and was able to spend more on marketing.

By March of 1991, Dani had saved enough money to open a weight loss center. She hired other people, taught them the sales script, and shadowed them for several days to provide suggestions. One center quickly led to more and Dani decided to begin manufacturing her own weight loss product. Then, the bottom fell out. Several staffers left and took clients and her bookkeeper embezzled money and emptied the corporate bank accounts.

Dani shifted her focus to rebuilding the company in order to sell it. This required going back to the beginning and refocusing on clients. Success followed as it had before and Dani sold the company, negotiating royalties on future product sales. The business is still successful and the royalties have grown to millions. This allowed Dani to develop a multimillion-dollar empire of her own that includes five companies.

In this article, Dani reveals that she still questions whether it is all really happening. To build upon her already impressive success, she remains focused on helping others. Dani and the staff of her first company are proof that a Dani Johnson script book can open the door to unimagined success. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, get one. 

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