Sunday, May 26, 2013

Investment Secrets from Dani Johnson

Investing is a complex endeavor fraught with many disappointments. One moment, people are on top of the world, earning amazing returns on stocks, bonds, and other investments. The next moment, the bottom falls out of the economy. People are left with nothing to show for the money they worked so hard to earn and contributed to what they thought were smart investments. Others stash money in a savings account, build up a nest egg, and avoid creating larger financial goals.

Having financial objectives puts these folks ahead of most people who have no money left over after paying for rent or mortgage, utilities, and groceries. Saving some money is important because emergencies may arise or a change in personal circumstances could turn life upside down. Lifestyle expert Dani Johnson tells us to view money as a seed that must be planted and grown.

Dani recommends this approach because it transforms money from our master into something that works for us. Over time, money that resides in a savings account decreases in value due to annual increases in the cost of living. If we sock money into a bank account month after month, we will not be able to afford more “stuff” over time. In fact, we will be able to afford less because a high bank balance is not the equivalent of wealth.

First Steps to Success and War on Debt are two Dani Johnson training programs that emphasize the need to master money rather than let it master us. This approach begins with identifying where all of our money goes. A sample budget may consist of saving ten percent of income, donating ten percent to charity, and using the remainder for living expenses. If income permits, five or ten percent of this remainder could be set aside for investing or growth. If not, take some money out of savings and use it for this purpose.

Money sitting in a savings account is safe because the risk of losing it is slim. However, it will not grow. Investments may grow but they are not as safe, even when well-researched. As we have witnessed in recent years, the market can do anything. So, what is a person to do when investing in a sure thing that will continuously grow is the goal?

One investment that consistently provides a 100 percent return and affects all areas of life is an investment in ourselves. By increasing our knowledge and skills, we increase our market values. Expertise has no substitute and the more we develop and refine it, the larger our bank accounts will grow. Setting aside money to further education or learn or expand skills will pay off regularly and increasingly over the long-term.

Investing in ourselves may not even require money, only time. Most people have the ability to increase their knowledge and lack of knowledge should never be an excuse for not investing in yourself. Get started by ordering one of Dani’s training programs, attending one of her live events, or participating in her weekly strategy calls.

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