Monday, May 27, 2013

Valuable Life Lessons from a Secret Millionaire Star

Someone who has achieved millionaire status through determination and hard work is someone to listen to when it comes to business and, possibly, life. Someone who has achieved that enviable position and captured enough attention to wind up on a national television show that highlights not only success but also a charitable nature should serve as a role model. As a star of ABC television’s Secret Millionaire, Dani Johnson falls into the second category and she has valuable information to share.

As a lifestyle and self-improvement expert, Dani has encountered her fair share of “false believers.” These people say her training products are the best things since sliced bread but then never use the information to improve their lives. They compliment her website content, buy her books and training materials, and plan to attend her live events. Then, they fall off the face of the planet.

 Dani never sees their names on the registration lists for the live events she holds throughout the country each year. She never receives a letter or phone call about the impressive results they achieved. We bet they never use the information from a single Dani Johnson script book to improve their careers.

When Dani started off, she believed these people and she felt let down when they did not follow through on their commitments. It took a while for her to realize that some people lie. She also discovered that in an attempt to make themselves look better, some people made promises to her that they never intended to keep. When Dani encounters these types of people now, she waits to see if they will follow through on their commitments.

Based on her experiences with these individuals, Dani offers advice that may prevent us from becoming one of them. First, she tells us to avoid making big promises unless we plan to fulfill them. If we say yes, we should follow through on this commitment. If we do not follow through, we should not provide excuses for our lack of action. Excuses call our trustworthiness and dependability into question. In addition, they do not increase our income. Dani recommends that we think things through and take a realistic approach when committing to something because others may rely on the delivery of results.

The final piece of advice that Dani provides on this topic is to be aware of what others say and do. Many people fall into the category of those who make promises but do not deliver. They are our co-workers, partners, and even clients. Results reveal whether an individual is worthy of a pay increase, promotion, or continued relationship. When assessing whether we can depend on someone, we should look at the results delivered.

This advice is applicable to our business and personal lives because results matter in nearly every situation. We should be the people that others rely upon to deliver results and we should surround ourselves with others who live up to their commitments. People who make false promises have no place in the lives of others who want to be successful.

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