Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Can You Improve Your Work from Home Job Performance?

If you have your own work from home business, you probably love it because you are your own boss. However, there is one problem; there is nobody to evaluate your job performance. That being the case, many work from home professionals can get just a bit too comfortable, especially if they have some early success. Here are some tips to help you avoid this problem.

Develop a Routine - having a set routine makes this type of setting work much better. The day can be broken up any way you like, just make sure you stick to the routine. For instance, maybe you work a 9-hour day but prefer not to work all nine hours in a row, which is fine. However, try to set up windows where you are at the computer working. For instance, 6a-9a, 11a-2p, and 4p-7p. 

In fact, breaking up a day like this will probably make your more productive since you are never at "work" for too long. You have more than enough time to recharge before sessions and the sessions are short enough to keep you completely focused while at your desk.

Grade Your Own Performance - since you do not have a boss, it is up to you to grade your own work performance. The key here is to be brutally honest to ensure you are working on areas that need improvement. Put down false scores and the only person you are cheating is yourself, which will eventually show up, or should we say cause money to disappear, from the company bank account.

Ask for Customer Feedback - when you have your own business, your customers are more or less your boss. Be active with them and ask for their feedback about your performance. How is customer service? Are they happy with the product? If you lose a customer, send them a letter telling them how much you appreciated their business and how sorry you are to see them go. Then, inquire as to why they are no longer interested in using you. Some of it may be tough to here, but it will make you and the business better.

Shop the Competition - another great way to find out how you stack up against the competition is to become their customer. Use the same grading sheet you use for yourself and order products and/or services your company offers. Not only will you see what they are doing better, but also what you are doing better than them. This will help you improve weaker areas as well as give you a better idea what aspects of your business can be promoted to draw in more customers.

For instance, perhaps you are selling a product from home. You order from a competitor and notice the packaging of the product is significantly better than what you are offering. However, upon emailing them for some information, you notice it takes days or weeks for them to reply. Have someone else send in an inquiry to see if this is a onetime instance or if it tends to be the norm. If it is the norm, you can duplicate their packing procedures and then tout your customer service.

Notice we never mentioned putting down the other company. This leaves a negative impression, which is something you never want to do. Instead, announce you listened to customer concerns and have improved packaging while maintaining the best customer service in the business. Everything is kept positive while letting customers know you are improving shortcomings while maintaining what you do best.

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