Thursday, September 19, 2013

Learn How to Close a Sale Every Time

We all have dreams of owning a big home or being able to retire when we can still enjoy it. However, life often gets in the way and we end up grinding out our days at a job where we do nothing more than punch a clock. Today, more than ever before, there are numerous opportunities available for work from home positions that can literally create a six-figure income. However, many of these opportunities require some sales savvy, something many of us do not naturally possess.

It takes a bit of a thick skin to try to go it alone into an opportunity where you need to cold call or approach business owners or consumers face to face. Most sales people here "No" far more often than they here "Yes," but they keep coming back for more. Even the best sales people are rejected far more often than they succeed, which is why many people looking for work from home positions immediately reject anything to do with direct sales.

I am here to tell you that anyone, and I mean anyone, can become a successful salesperson with the right tool. In my case, the Dani Johnson Script Book made the difference. For those of you that know my background, you know I was in debt up to my neck and struggling to put food on the table. The opportunity I chose to pursue required me to be able to close sales and this book is what I used, along with Dani Johnson seminars, to learn how to close the deal.

The reason the book is so successful is that it looks at virtually every scenario you may face and has an answer to the consumer's question. This book helps you learn how to get the consumer to trust you and listen to what you have to say instead of hanging up the phone or closing the door. In fact, even no's will end up serving as referrals if you do what the book says to do.

In addition to these very valuable scripts, you will be given additional tools to help control and grow your business. Honestly, this is probably the most valuable instructional manual for ANY work from home business owner. In fact, even if you are in sales and working for someone else, you can benefit from the information in this book. Why settle for being a middling salesman when you can lead your company every month or year? Rack up those bonuses and then use all that extra income to start your very own business!

If you do not believe what you are reading, simply give me a call I can tell you personally how this book turned my life around. Today, I am financially secure, donate to charity, and travel the world all because this book enabled me to be a successful work from home entrepreneur. I would love to see you have that same success and am awaiting your phone call!

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