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Being a Leader is More Than Just a Title

How to Go from a Wannabe to a Great Leader

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Many people believe that when they get the title of supervisor or boss, they automatically become a leader. This is far, far from the truth. Being a leader takes much more initiative and involvement than many people can or care to deal with. If there is a desire to become a truly great leader, there are some things you can do to go from a wannabe to a respected, successful leader.

Get Results the Right Way

One of the most important attributes of a good leader is that they perform their duties at a high level and get the job done while consistently exceeding other expectations. How these results are achieved is also important. Abusing the title of “leader” by alienating and extorting others to get the job done is probably the farthest single point from being a great leader. Great leaders get the job done by collaborating and treating their team with respect.  

Honor Your Commitments

Wannabe leaders care more about making promises and keeping their superiors and peers happy than actually following through with those commitments. Another great attribute of a great leader is honoring the commitments and promises they make. More importantly than this is that these types of leaders recognize when they cannot make a promise and have the ability to remedy the situation in another way.

Genuinely Care About Others

True leaders take a genuine interest in their team and other people that they work with and supervise – to be blunt there would be no leader if they did not have people to lead. Great leaders recognize this and make sure to treat their teams with respect and care more about them than about the process of getting something done. True leadership does not seek the admiration of others but instead admires them.

Encourage Growth

Every great leader has confidence, but are they willing to share their knowledge. In many cases, "bosses" are terrified to share what they know with their staff for fear of making themselves replaceable. This attitude all but guarantees failure and the loss of exceptional employees. Instead, take the attitude that you are making yourself promotable by growing your staff to fill the void as you move up the ladder.

In many ways, it takes a certain kind of person to be a great leader. Even though someone may have the title, it takes a lot of other considerations before they can be considered great. By taking the time to get the results the right way, honoring commitments and caring about others you can be well on your way to becoming the leader you want to be!

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