Thursday, July 3, 2014

Integrating Leadership and Management Skills for a Successful Small Business

Why it is Important for Business Owners to be Good Leaders

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Small business owners are asked to make important decisions about their organization every day – over time, these individuals learn how to focus their attention on what is important to their business and have learned to prioritize their time properly. Many times, business owners leave managing day to day tasks and employees to other individuals so they can focus on larger, overall goals. Although this is a common practice, it is important for individuals to also recognize how management skill sets fit into the overall operation of an organization.

Do Not Lose Sight of Day to Day Operations

Leaders sometimes get overly caught up in the big picture of the business – meeting sales goals, marketing campaigns and other efforts can sometimes overshadow the important day to day operations that make a business run. Sometimes, the oversight of these operations is so great that leaders set goal, policies and even create new products are services that are not realistic to what the business can actually do. Because of this, it is important to have some involvement in what managers and employees are doing every day to ensure that the overall business goals align with the actual capabilities of the business.

Managers Also Need to Broaden their Scope

Conversely, those in charge of managing day to day operations often ignore the big picture of the business in order to focus on the tasks at hand. In order to make sure the business is growing and operating as expected as well as meeting the goals set by leadership, it is important for managers to take a step back from the everyday to-do list and take a look at these larger business goals. This does not mean that managers should focus on yearly goals, however, managers can better manage their time by making sure they address quarterly goals one at a time and make sure they are on track to meet them.

Leaders and Managers are Mentors

As important as it is to make sure the business is running efficiently and the goals are being met, it is also important to pay close attention to employee needs. Leaders and managers act as mentors for their employees and it is important to make sure you are addressing their aspirations and goals within the organization. Making employees feel important and cared for is vitally important to the business overall – happy, motivated employees tend to do better work. Additionally, managers and leaders who support employees’ goals and aspirations generally see less associate turnover and stronger loyalty.

Leaders and managers play an important role within a business – whether they are different people or one in the same. It is important to take a look at the big picture and set business goals while also paying close attention to how the business works and runs day to day. Finding a balance between leadership and management is crucial in running an effective business, and just as important is making sure that employees are given the opportunity to advance and grow within the organization. By taking all of these perspectives into consideration, a business owner can help to create a run a successful business.

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