Saturday, July 5, 2014

Do Not Focus on what is Already Gone

How Living in the Past Can Affect Your Business Present

dani johnson, stacy oquinn
When it comes to owning a business, many individuals focus on not losing the organization they have built. Business owners are concerned about losing sales, losing business partners, and losing their entire business, sometimes so much so that they are not focusing their energy in the right direction. Too often individuals fight hard to try and save things that are already lost – this mentality often creates detriment to the business overall and causes even further loses down the line. The simple reality is that many individuals are placing their focus in the wrong place because they are afraid of losing what they have.

Practice the “Law of Focus”

Dani Johnson, a self-made entrepreneur, talks about the “Law of Focus” in one of her recent blog posts. This principle states that what you focus on becomes what you are good at or what goals you will attain. If a business owner is constantly focusing and worrying about losing clients, losing money or losing their business, chances are the amount of effort put into this negative thought process will make these fears a reality. Instead, individuals should be focusing on the clients they will gain, the money they will make and how their business will grow into the future. Positive in means positive out.

Miss Johnson also notes that a business owner cannot focus on both the positive and negative aspects of a business at the same time, just as they cannot look in two directions at the same time. This will bring many individuals to a crossroads in their thought process – they either need to start focusing on their confidence and accomplishments or continue to focus on their worries and doubts. The right road is obvious – focusing on the positive aspects of the business will lead to more positive accomplishments. Instead of over thinking about the20 people who say ‘no’ focus on the one who says ‘yes.’

Celebrate the Success You are Producing

Too many business owners get caught up in the mistakes they have made over the years and constantly think about what would be different if they had made an alternate choice. But, the important thing to remember is that every choice that was made throughout the past has lead you in some way to where you are now. It is important to allow those negative thoughts to go by the wayside and instead celebrate the great choices and accomplishments that have been produced. Trying to figure out why something went wrong is much more difficult than acknowledging and celebrating when something goes right.

Just like living in the past in your personal life is a bad choice, so is living in your business past. Positive thinking is powerful – when energy is focused in the right areas, such as growth and continued success that is what a business owner can expect to see. Conversely, when the focus is placed on fears of loss, bad decisions and other negative points it is likely that this trend will continue to repeat itself over and over again. Living in your business past can be costly both to the business and to yourself – it is time to start focusing on the things that are going right and celebrating the accomplishments along the way!

Dani Johnson has helped Stacy O'Quinn focus on what is important in both life and business. Today, Stacy has a work at home business that generates a six figure income every year. Stacy would like to teach you what he learned from Dani so you can enjoy that very same success. For more information or to learn more about Stacy, click here.

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