Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rebranding to Revive Your Small Business

How to Orchestrate a Successful Rebranding

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When organizations have been in business for a number of years, they can often see a decline in sales and exposure. Although their original branding and messaging was effective in years past, it is possible that the brand has become common-place or dare we say, “boring.” Many business owners shutter at the thought of rebranding the business – the amount of work and the possibility of failure have them resisting this move as much as possible. But when a rebrand is done correctly it can be a great tool for reinvigorating a business and its brand. Here are some tips to successfully rebranding your business.

Maintain Your Brand’s Original Mission

While rebranding is a great way to reinvent a business, it is also important to keep the core values intact. The overall goal of rebranding is not to change the company’s brand or image but more generally to strengthen and reinforce what already exists. Rebranding may include a new color scheme, new logo and even a new company slogan, but the message to consumers should generally remain the same in order to keep the business’s integrity in check. Consumers are attracted to things that are new and exciting but also appreciate a business who sticks to what they believe in both on day one and day 100.

Make Sure to Focus on Your Audience

Many businesses that have been around for a while usually have a strong customer base. Although rebranding can be a great way to attract new customers it is also important to focus on those consumers who have helped to keep the business going. By understanding the audience, it is much easier to present an attractive and clear message that consumers will connect with. It is also important to focus on a specific audience to make sure the message is reaching the right people. Too often business’s try to market to everyone possible – unfortunately this often means they are really marketing to no one.

Connect with Consumers

While rebranding is often a lot of internal work, this is also an opportunity to connect with consumers. A new brand is something that a business communicates to its audience, but have you ever thought of allowing consumers to get involved in the process? This process offers companies a unique opportunity to give their customers a voice, communicate with them instead of to them. When customers feel as though their thoughts and opinions matter, they are more likely to be brand ambassadors for the business and spread the message word-of-mouth through social media and other channels.

When businesses reach a point of stagnation in their organization, rebranding may be a great option to revive the brand and the company. While making changes can be scary, it is also an opportunity to reinvent the business’s image and, more importantly, reconnect with customers. By making sure to stick to core values and focus on the target market, rebranding can help business reach a whole new level of success. Not to mention, involving customers in the process can help make better connections overall.

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