Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Save Money on Christmas Time Shipping for Your Small Business

Simple Packing and Shipping Tips to Help Your Business Save Big this Holiday

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One practice that every small business owner should have is purchasing and sending Christmas gifts to their best customers. This is a great way to show how much your customers mean to you, and that appreciation will go a long way when it comes to future sales and referrals to family and friends. When it comes time to package and ship these items, it can often become a costly, headache inducing process – making sure the items get there in one piece as well as keeping on budget can be very difficult. Luckily, there are some simple tips to help you make the most of sending Christmas gifts to customers.

Saving Money on Shipping Boxes

Sometimes, the most expensive part of shipping Christmas gifts is the materials to get them in the mail. One area where you can save some money is with shipping boxes. First, consider recycling old boxes and using them to send out your gifts. Before reusing old boxes, always remember to remove the old shipping label – if the old barcode is scanned by mistake, the gift could end up at the wrong address. Additionally, many major shippers and the U.S. Postal Service do provide some free packaging and box options. Depending on the weight and dimensions of what is being shipped, the box may actually be included in the price of shipping it. Always make sure to explore these avenues before purchasing boxes.

Include Business Information in Your Package

While this may not be a money saving tip for shipping Christmas gifts this tip work two-fold - including a greeting card and a business card in the package is a great way to help establish relationships and possibly boost sales in the future. Not only is this a great way to connect with customers and encourage them to contact you, it is also a way for the shipping company to be able to return your package to you in case the outer label is removed in the mailing process. In the event that a package is damaged or the shipping label is damaged or misplaced, some shipping companies will open the package to look for a secondary label or other return information. Having the package returned to you will give you the opportunity to try and ship it again and will stop the package from being lost in the mail forever.

How to Properly Package Baked Goods

Many business owners send customers cookies or popcorn tins around the holidays. A great way to save money on holiday gifts is baking these homemade goods yourself. If this is the route you choose, make sure you know how to properly package baked goods so they can arrive to your customers in one delicious piece. Cookies and other baked items should always be placed in a tin or food container first and then packaged into a shipping box. Second, line the bottom of the box with your chosen packing material and place the food container in the center. Finally, fill in all the sides of the container, making sure to shake down the material so it is firmly packed to help ensure it does not move around in transit.

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